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Adrienne has a keen interest in orthopedic and rehabilitative treatment. Since completing her foundational training in 2005, her Continuing Education has spanned from rehabilitation of Spinal Cord Injuries, to Osteopathic Mobilizations and Fascial Release, to Movement and Exercise Therapy. Possessing proficient understanding of orthopedics and manual therapy has allowed her to develop a reliable approach to patient care. She enjoyed 6 years teaching future RMTs at both Langara College and Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and has enjoyed  teaching workshops and private tutoring since.

Over the span of her career Adrienne has developed a unique approach to massage therapy. Myofascial release, joint mobilizations, and neuromuscular techniques blended into one treatment plan has proven to be an effective approach in her treatments. Orthopedic assessment and treatment have allowed great success in her patients' recovery and on-going care and their success has given her a rewarding and fulfilling career. She is excited to share her methods with fellow professionals!

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