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Practicing  since  2006,  Adrienne  Jackman has a wide

reach  of professional experience. From luxury spas to

private  sport  clinics,  her  approach  to  massage  has

evolved  to  include  both  orthopedic and  petrissage

techniques. Within a single treatment the intention is to affect an impactful change in the body, while creating a sense of relaxation for her client.


Treatments focus on correcting postural imbalance and managing overuse or traumatic injuries. Postural fatigue via poor work ergonomics may result in headaches, muscle pain, or joint stiffness, all of which can be treated with massage therapy. Utilizing myofascial release techniques, joint mobilizations, and neuromuscular techniques has proven to be an effective approach in her treatments.

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Adrienne has a keen interest in orthopedic and rehabilitative treatment.

Since completing her education in 2005, Continuing Education has spanned from rehabilitation of Spinal Cord Injuries to Osteopathic Mobilizations and Fascial Release to Movement and Exercise Therapy.

Adrienne is available at Tandem Clinic in Olympic Village. Treatments may be booked online

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